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My first trip to Lebanon (the country) with Maroun in early 2009.
My first trip to Lebanon (the country) with Maroun in early 2009.

Coming from different cultures, my husband Maroun, from a village just north of Beirut, and I, a military brat who grew up on American bases from Maine to Hawaii—are accustomed to differing perspectives. Much to the confusion of my family, immigration officers, and ticketing agents, when we got engaged in 2008 and moved to New Hampshire, we settled in the town of Lebanon.

As I adjusted to New Hampshire and considered what marriage meant to me, I looked at other couples in the Upper Connecticut River Valley—they seemed to have so much in common: some went to church together, for example, and didn’t disobey U.S. State Department guidelines to visit in-laws. Gradually, though, as New Hampshire began to thaw, I realized I wasn’t as alone as I had thought. Our state is statistically one of the least diverse in the nation, so finding fellowship was a challenge, at first. But I met other bi-cultural couples. As I listened to their adventures; I found their tales so different, and yet so similar, to my own. I began to collect their stories and will feature them in this blog. If you would like to share your love story, please contact me.

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